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Weapon Categories[edit | edit source]

There are three categories of weapons:

  • Light (one handed) - Dagger, Hand Axe, Light Hammer
  • Versatile (one or two handed) - Longsword, War Axe, Mace
  • Heavy (two-handed) - Greatsword, Battle Axe, War Hammer

Each has a different attack speed, damage rating, and block rating (if used with no shield). Heavy Weapons cannot be used with a shield.

Damage Types[edit | edit source]

There are three damage types, which interact with the Weaknesses and Resistances of Enemies.

  • Daggers, Swords – Deal Slashing Damage
  • Axes – Deal Cleaving Damage
  • Hammers, Maces – Deal Bashing Damage
Damage type interaction with Weapon Type
Damage Type Light Versatile Heavy
Bashing Light Hammers Maces War Hammers
Cleaving Hand Axes War Axes Battle Axes
Slashing Daggers Long Swords Great Swords

Weapon Materials[edit | edit source]

Weapons come in a variety of materials:

(the following list is incomplete and is somewhat incorrect. please add on or fix any information you have)

Material Damage (Light/Vers/Heavy) DPS Light DPS Versatile DpS Heavy Block (respectively)
Iron 22-23/28/37-39 76-80 62 62 9/21/27
Steel (Smithy of 2nd level) 33/40/52 114 89 87 14/32/41
Silver (Smithy of 3th level) 42/52/67 145 116 112 18/42/54
Orcish (Smithy of 4th level) 51/64/82 176 142 137 23/53/68
Dwarven (level 18 and Smithy of 5th level) 59/79/102 244 202 190 21/63/81
Elven (level 23 and Smithy of 6th level) 68/91/118 281 233 219 32/74/95
Quicksilver (Smithy of 7th level)
Ebony (Smithy of 8th level)
Daedric (unknown)